15 April 2009


Dressed for a Luau... not sure about the funny face!

The sick one and her doggy! Still as beautiful as ever!

My Man!

The family minus NaNa...

Wow! Easter has come and gone... and yet there is a bit of lingering there for me. I am really focused on forgiveness, unconditional love, parenting, and family.

To celebrate we watched The Passion of Christ Saturday. What a hard movie to watch! Yet, still a painful reminder of what was given so that we may be forgiven! As in our everyday life some of the best blessings come from very painful experiences. We often allow ourselves to forget the price paid for the blessings we receive. However, to me this can diminish the value of the gift. It's so much easier to wash our hands of the painful parts and just be happy... yet the painful parts are so much of the gift itself. I'm not communicating it very well... but what I'm trying to say is that there is so much more value in the prize if I remember what the prize cost. When we win the race we are grateful for all the hard work put into getting conditioned... we appreciate winning so much more. And if by chance we don't win we take pride in the fact that we did our best. Sometimes it seems the trophy is all that matters in the end!

So, in watching the passion, in cringing to see the pain inflicted, in knowing the huge price paid for our forgiveness, well... it makes life not being perfect easier to swallow, it makes it easier to try our hardest knowing that we don't each have to pay the ultimate price... does that make sense?

I am constantly reminded of my imperfections... in a convicting kind of way. I know that the more time I spend in reading the Bible, the easier it is to feel convicted, and thus allows me to relate to my life in a Godly way. I am learning that conviction does not always have to mean that "God is frowning at me" but can also mean that he has sent the Holy Spirit to gently remind me to go in the way he has planned.

Others often remember us for our mistakes. It was said that going to church will not change some bad things done in the past (not exact wording). This is true, it doesn't change the past, however, it can change the future. I don't mess up little. I most often mess up big. But I am amazed at this gift of forgiveness God has given. I don't take it lightly. I don't go about my life doing as I wish and pray about it on Sunday expecting it to all go away. In all honesty, sometimes, after I have messed up, I take some time before even giving it to God and asking for forgiveness, so that I can focus on it, feel it, and know that when I hand it to him I am able to also forgive myself. I trust that he has forgiven me long before I ask for that forgiveness, but it isn't given with a flip of the hand. So, nope, going to church doesn't make the past just go away, I don't want the past to "go away", because it is from those mess ups that I am who I am, who I will become. In saying that, I want to follow God's plan for me, live a life of purpose and spend eternity with him. That will not be an easy task, nor will I be perfect at it. Thank God for his forgiveness!

On a lighter note... the Easter Bunny came! YAY! We had a quiet weekend as a family. It, in itself, was a Blessing! NaNa was sick all weekend so we holed up in the house and watched movies and played outside. You will not see her in the Easter morning picture as she was in her jammies, forgoing church to keep the "disease" home! We are good sharers and all... but some things are best kept to oneself!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

That is such a good picture of you...you hot little momma you!!
You look happy Bec. I'm so glad. :)