30 March 2009


Somebody needs to shave! The 3 clowns!
This was about the 3rd picture... hence the funny face!
Super Cool in our 3d glasses!

I have never before seen an IMAX 3D show. How in all 29 years of my life has this been possible? Well they had SHARKS at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on IMAX so we went Saturday. All 6 of us! It was amazing! Really, everything looked like it was right there and we were right there and you get the pic... So, Lil Man and I spent the whole time trying to touch the sea lions, and the jelly fish and jumping when the sharks came at us!!! It was a really good time! We now are season ticket holders so we will be going back soon to see more than the little we were able to see Saturday! It was a fun weekend, girls went skating Friday so Lil man and I had us a date! This meant ice cream for dinner from Ben & Jerry's followed by some train playing and book buying at Barnes and Nobles. We actually had a real dinner after we picked the girls up! Then Saturday the museum and Sunday church and the dreaded house cleaning! Ah it is Monday again isn't it?

Crazy Girls in their 3D glasses.

My guys, Lil man trying to be "gangster"
Oh... and me! Just posing!

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retha said...

I have never seen any 3D shows. There might not even be such here by us. I can see you'll had a good time.

You are so beautiful!

Is your postal address still the same