23 March 2009


The summer before my senior year in high school... that would only be like 2 years ago!!! I was going to teller training to work at the local bank during the rest of the summer and during my senior year. There was a girl from my school in the class with me and she had me listening to this song called Boot Scootin Boogie by Brooks and Dunn. It was my favorite song for years! I went to Ohio and attempted to spread the love there too! Now if you have heard the song you will not find deep meaningful lyrics, just a move your feet happy in the heart kind of song! So, who did I get to see at the rodeo Saturday? Brooks and Dunn! What was the last song they played? Boot Scootin Boogie! Now, when I say I know every single word... I do! The guys in Iraq who had to hear me sing it daily... and no I can't sing... will attest to the fact that I can, and will sing every word! SO... that was the highlight of the rodeo for me!

My baby girl came home from her daddy's Saturday too. What happens to girls when they become little women? They just aren't so nice anymore! Do they not know that you have invested 13 years into them and that you dream of the day when you will be women together and be best of friends? I am still dreaming! I am dreaming of the day when the eyes don't roll so far back in the head I have 911 speed dialed into my phone in case I need to call someone to help get them back where they are supposed to be, or when the sigh of all the wrongs done to this poor girl doesn't take the air out of the room! I could blow dry my hair in that sigh! Really! She is beautiful... really.... and she is going to be an amazing woman... and I am BLESSED beyond words to be her mother... she is funny and has all the best parts of her mommy and daddy... and well, I just don't get to see them parts all the time! So pray for us, because I know it's hard being 13, there are so many things to get through at that age and I remember being just like her... but worse, much worse! I am going to love her when she is most unlovable... and hopefully she will do the same for me!!

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