18 March 2009

I know it has been ages since you have seen our lovely faces! So, here we are!

This was last weekend as we waited at the airport for NaNa's flight to take her
to her daddy's for spring break!
I caught his never sit still, keep going like the energizer bunny, self sleeping! Ha! And I took a photo for proof! Since the surgery to remove his adenoids and tonsils he has been sleeping like a baby. Though I have noticed that before, regardless of the sugar intake, he was always ready for bed. Because he was chronically tired! Now, a little bit of sugar sends his little butt over the walls! So precious! This is productivity! We have a palm tree in the bathroom in my building. Out of some random act of silliness I decided to take a photo behind it and send it to my coworkers with the comment "where am I". I got a good laugh which was the goal!
Why is this photo of my beautiful girl so blurry you might ask... It's because she refuses to let me take a picture of her. Now, I am confused! She spends hours taking photos of herself... her facebook is evidence of this... and yet if I try to take a picture she says she takes terrible pictures. Hmmmm, I don't understand! This was her birthday dinner on her 13th birthday!

Not much else going on. Working, hanging out etc. Basketball season is over, Little Man won't be back into soccer for a couple of weeks, and it is spring break! Not sure about the break part... but I can definitely see evidence of the spring part! I have even planted some flowers. Anyone who knows me, knows that those poor flowers don't have a chance! I will keep you posted though!

1 comment:

retha said...

You girl has gone so big.
Hopefully there will come a time soon for the photos to come easier.
And you have not aged one bit!The little man is just so sweet.

I like your humour.
Will say it a few more times, I am so happy you are back.