16 March 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know... that there are not enough hours in the day?
Did you know... that it has been months since my last post?
Did you know... that Christmas can be really really stressful if you have no money and all of your bills get behind and your ex does not pay all of the child support?
Did you know... that you can get bronchitis, dual ear infections and sinus infections in the beginning of December and they can last for months!!!
Did you know... that you can go away to school in another city for 7 weeks, still see your babies on the weekends, and graduate with a 96% as a material manager?
Did you know... that at women's retreat I was reminded by God's gentle whispering that I do not always love WELL. That the ultimate love is to love your enemies, and that you can actually learn to do that... very slowly!!!
Did you know... that a week home in the cold and with family, can refresh your spirit and fill your heart to overfull?
Did you know... that little girls turn into little women on their 13Th birthday?
Did you know... that when said little girls turn to said little women that they can quickly challenge your new talent to love WELL?
Did you know... that there are surgeries that take out adenoids and tonsils that can truly change the personality of little boys?
Did you know... that little man was on yellow (the best color) only 2 times in 1 month and since his surgery has been on yellow every single day for 2 weeks?
Did you know... that Boston terriers that snore should have their tonsils out too (per said little man) and that they then won't be able to eat dog food but will have to eat ice cream which will give them terrible farts?
Did you know... that little women make A's and B's in school and the curriculum is way more challenging? Thus not having to be grounded!!
Did you know... they also play a mean game of basketball and are called "Red" by their coach and team mates?
Did you know... that you can fall in love... again... with the same person! And be thankful for their never ending patience?
Did you know... you can learn to do that by learning to love WELL?
Did you know... I could not think of a way to play catch up with this blog... so this was what I came up with?
Did you know... that I miss my family again... but will be seeing my baby brother graduate in May from college?
Did you know... that my most recent addiction is facebook?
Did you know... that it's easier to rebuild a city than to rebuild a heart?
Did you know... that regardless of the pain and the hurt... our hearts are always healed and full of love... unconditionally from God. So no matter what we can and will learn to love again!
Did you know... that now that I am posting I really missed putting all my business out there for the blog world!
Did you know... that court is in the future again... so pray really hard!
Did you know... that my new job really rocks! It's great to be around nice people every day!
Did you know... that I lost 17 pounds? OH YES I DID!!!!!

1 comment:

retha said...

I have missed you so much! Are you back for real?
Your did you know was a very good way of bringing us up to date.
I am sorry to hear about the same troubles.So sweet of the little man about the dogs. Wonderfully sad to have your little woman.
New job and learning! Please tell me more, tell me more.
And I remember about a after Christmas time with the family.