09 November 2008

Hurricane Ike has come and gone but there was still some fence damage to deal with! Fortunately the insurance paid a portion and I had great friends that came along to help! Couldn't have done it without those who worked and those who shared their truck and drove across town at o'dark thirty! Best part... none of us had ever done this before! It looks great... is perfect and I get to do it for 2 more days on the other side! But this whole stretch, which is the back fence, is complete! I think it is so lovely I will sit outside and drink my coffee and admire it in the morning!!!!
Thanks to Little Man, he takes the best photos... all the following are by him!
Some of THE CREW...

I was so happy to be able to get the pickets up! I could see the progress!

My arm is still tired from all of those nails... still many more to go though!

And a bit of raw power!


AVIDINHA said...

woo hoo, who's that dude in the blue!?

retha said...

I am certain I did leave a comment, maybe I Am getting old.

Hope you are still fine.

retha said...

So happy to have heard from you.
Hope all is well with you and the babies.