03 November 2008


Some pictures from Halloween...

Shouldn't I wear it this way everyday? Oh yes it is my hair... no wig here! Dangit!

Little Man the Ninja
Elizabeth as Dorothy! SO MUCH CANDY!

Candy enough to share... and yet they won't!

The quilt show was also on Friday. It is the International Quilt show and it is HUGE! I also look forward to it all year long! Here are a couple of my favorite quilts. They are amazing! I am so in awe of the talent. I love quilting but do not have the time... and how I wish I could do some of what these amazing quilters do!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

Sniffffffffffffffffffffffffff you went to the quilt show!!!!!! AUGH!!!! I was chompin at the bit to go this year.
Love the hair girlfriend!! hahahahaha