21 October 2008

Here I am still...

Wow! 2 posts in the same month! Not sure what to post about... just tried to log on from work and it worked! Hmmmm...
Oh, I had a parent teacher conference with Little Man's teacher yesterday. It must be known that he is brilliant and the star of the world. Also, that he will one day be president and that no one will run against him as he will be ruling the world! HA! No, he really is brilliant! He is getting A+'s in all areas aside from behavior and even that has drastically improved! He has been working so hard to be good. It is noticed all around! I am very proud of him!
NaNa didn't have a conference but she is also brilliant and getting all A's and B's. She still has a math tutor who is a 10Th grade math teacher and she is surprised that the 7Th graders are doing the same work her 10Th graders are doing. It is a lot of hard work but she is doing amazing and staying focused... and still having fun!
I am so proud of them both!
We are looking forward to all of the upcoming holidays. Can't wait to see snow this year!
That is all for now... until I get a more focused train of thought!

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retha said...

Good to see you.

It is so wonderful to see others are noticing when a person is trying to improve! So sweet, doing this shows he is growing so big.
A small tear for you in this.

Wow for NaNa! The fun is so important and I know you help a lot with that