18 October 2008

Hello World

I am doubting there are any readers to this blog as it has been so long since my last blog! Things have been hectic and at the same time I have been a lazy one! We did have hurricane Ike. Not sure why he came here... I am left to believe he was looking for Tina. Ah well. We fared well. We had all and part of 7 trees down in our little yard. However, by the grace of God they managed to fall all around the house with only a bit of damage to the corner of the back patio. That was amazing! It was a lot of work though working all day and helping with the recovery in the community for the Air National Guard and then coming home and doing as much as possible here before the night took over! I was Blessed with the help of many friends! The kids were able to be out of school for a week and a half. That was great for them! They spent time with World's Greatest Grandma and Grandpa and their Aunt Micole and Uncle Charles. So they were having a good time with it all! The power was out all over the city but we were Blessed again! We returned to the city from my niece and nephews in Fort Hood to Grandma and Grandpa's who had power and stayed there for 1 night and ours was on the next! Others were out for more than 2 weeks! I believe there are some still without power.
The city still looks worn down. I can imagine we are all suffering from the same thing! Waiting on the insurance companies to look at things and pay out as well as the contractors being so busy all you can do is get your name on a waiting list! We need our roof on the corner fixed, the chimney stabilized, and the fence replaced in back and on the side.

A photo from my back door. This part of the yard was filled with trees! You can see the little spot of the patio roof the tree hit. Such a small amount of damage considering.

This is actually in my front yard looking to the back yard on the side by the garage.

This is one of the areas where we did a lot of work cleaning up and helping where we could.
These poles were this way for 2 weeks. Folks just drove under them as it was this way if not worse all over the city. It became normal!

So, what else! It has been so long!

Oh! The motivation for my getting on here today. I received in the mail today the most lovely package! It was sooooooo cool! There were treasures for the three of us. My little man received a sign with his name and cars on it! He has already said he will be taking it to school for show and tell, my daughter and I the most beautiful jewelry! Hers in her very favorite color! I will share some photos. This little bit of heaven came from my dear friend Retha all the way in South Africa! She is so dear to my heart! There are goodies in there too... yummy! (she even sent a little something for World's Greatest Grandma and Grandpa... I will be delivering that tomorrow!
All the cool treasures from Retha

My beautiful jewelry that I will be wearing to church tomorrow.
NaNa's and she loves it!
Little Man's. He is so proud! There was so much talent and care put into these treasures!

Wait... we finally got to see Chantell dance last night! It was fun! Here are some photos from the night!

Not the clearest photo but I can see here beautiful smile!


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retha said...

I am so happy it arrived there and was not 'lost' in the post before it left the country. And I just hoped the clay does not brake, so relieved for that.

Those type of storms are foreign to our country. I can see it take a lot of space for a tree to lie horizontal!
Hope the waiting lists have your name close to the top.
It is true children must have time with other grown ups that loves them too.

Does Chantelle's dance often? I assume it is at events like sports.

And it is good to read from you again.