10 August 2008


I have been going about my homecoming and at the same time contemplating this post. My first post after my return. I have asked myself what I should write about. The trip away or the return home. It has been 2 months and so there have been adventures and moments, yet, it is the homecoming that I have anticipated the entire time and that has been most important to me. I suppose, in speaking of the homecoming, I will undoubtedly speak of my trip. That is where I will start then. Can you hear the wheels turning? The cobwebs falling away from my brain? That is the thing about these deployments. You get away from home and you suddenly become responsible only for yourself. Of course there is work, and those responsibilities. However, ultimately it is you and only you that you are responsible for. So for 2 months I only had to be sure that I was awake and on time to work, and that I did my job to the best of my abilities. I didn't have to put any little ones to bed, or worry about dinner or go shopping or put gas in the car. There were no chores around the house to be done, or plans to be made. Really my brain and I suppose my body were on a vacation while I, as a whole, was away working.

I've been distracted... it is so easy!

I will tell you my little ones are amazing in every way! Their laughs, their smiles, their smells, their voices, every little bit! I arrived back in country on the 5Th and made it into Houston on the 6Th. They greeted me at the gate as I departed the airplane with balloons and hugs. I could only hold them and cry. It was such an overwhelming feeling! It was the one moment above all others that I held closest to my heart the entire time I was gone!

We have not stopped going since then! I have only, finally, unpacked today! Not that it was a big concern, as I hope to not see the items that were packed for a while!

Since that first day home there have been so many things to do! There was dinner with friends that first night home. They were so good to see!

There has been court which was tough, but I so desperately needed there to be some boundaries in order to parent this precious Little Man. It is always a war, a never ending cycle that goes no where. I am fine with this and at the same time why should he be caught in the middle of something that should be all about him but isn't? Anyway, that is over, and God again answered prayers.

A night at the theater that of course was perfect until the rain came! The Outdoor Theater is, well, not the place for a heavy rain! We ate our chicken though it was a bit damp and hung out for a bit. However, it got a bit uncomfortable and it was time to head home!

There was the Mustang convertible we rented for a day for Little Man. He liked it but preferred the top to be closed!

Hmmmm, what else? Oh yes, there was breakfast with my best girl and so you know, I didn't get up on time! Migraines in the middle of the night are not so good! It has been a while since I had one and it was really mild, so all is okay. Must have been from too many emotions in such a short time! There was a birthday dinner for Wendell (I forgot his birthday in all of the excitement). Oh yes and some time at the beach with World's Greatest Grandma and Grandpa, Lindsey and Paige, and our best girl Chantell!

Am I boring you yet? Can you imagine how hard it is for me to try and narrow all of this down? I am sure my thoughts will be much more focused for the next one. This will be my goal, and until that time I will leave you with some pictures.

I am so very happy to be home!


Owens Family Adventures said...

I'm really glad you're home girl!!! I'm glad that court went well and I'm REALLY REALLY glad you are with your babies again.

Welcome back Bek,

retha said...

So happy you are home!
And for all at court