04 June 2008

Here we go

Just a little post to tell about the last couple of days. Not knowing when I will be able to post again!
We had a party Saturday (sorry I didn't get to post the pictures as I ran out of time!). It was great fun! So many family and friends there to support us. We celebrated Elijah's and my birthday, and it was also a going a way for us all. Little Man is off to spend a couple of months with his Daddy. I know that this will be a fun filled time for him. It is a blessing to get to see him so happy to see his daddy. NaNa will also be off to see her daddy for the summer. She will get to hang out, and though not as exciting as Little Man's trip to Germany it will be just as exciting for her to hang out with her daddy as she truly is a daddy's girl! I am now off to my short trip in Iraq. It will, again, be a trip to remember, though not an exciting one I hope! The less excitement the better!
I am presently in up state New York. But only for the night!
We thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers...
I am really just sad right now. Missing my babies and my heart is so sad without them!
My e-mail while gone will be bekahbyrd@yahoo.com, so feel free to drop me a note every now and then!!
Until next time, Be Blessed!

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