02 May 2008

So what's another 6 years...

Just a blink of the eye! I re-enlisted on the 30th of May. I was not due to re-enlist until August time frame. However, I am leaving for Iraq soon... so it needed to be done! No biggie though, as it's not as if I wasn't going to do it anyway!

So, on that note...

In addition to heading across the pond soon, I am hoping to run a 5K run for Impact a Hero.

There is a story to that. First off...I have not smoked in a month now...or I think more like 31/2 weeks or something like that. In addition to that, I have been running. This all coming from my 40 days of purpose bible study.

I began the study and got to the part of being God's design, exactly as he wanted me to be. I realized that God had made me, i had just done a lot to mess it up. Smoking, and not being healthy and fit. So, in order to be confident and happy, I had to stop complaining and do something about it! So, I did!

I quit smoking, and I started getting fit! It's working! This morning alone, I ran 3.6 miles, and did 100 sit ups! So I am moving right along!

This gets us back to the 5K! My goal for quitting smoking was to be able to run a marathon... in a year! But it seems that God's plan is a little faster than I had expected!

So... that's the plan! If it works out time wise, etc. I will let all of you know and if you would like to sponsor me, you can!

Well, I have much more to post. I have been tagged, and need to get on my duties in that department, as well as it being the weekend and there are always lots of things to post on the weekend!

So this will hopefully give you a little to read and I will catch up again tomorrow!

Oh, I will leave you with a picture from the baccalaureate party I went to last weekend!!!

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retha said...

Wow, congratulations on the smoking, or rather not smoking. And the running all I can say is I admire you.
I hope they give you enough time and equipment over there to still write here.