07 May 2008

Beware what you might find on MySpace!

A friend from high school posted this... she thought it was funny! I have to admit that it is... I was laughing my butt off! Still am actually.

Can't have a good laugh and not share. That would just be selfish!

This lovely piece of history is a photo of me in my junior year which would be about 1991/1992

Hee Hee Hee! Hope this doesn't send any of you to bed with night mares... though you could always be a good sharer and put up a photo of yourself to share! then we could all just laugh and laugh and laugh!

Good Night!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Heeheeheehee!! I think you look, like, totally cute and all!! hahahahahaha

Spider63 said...

You were a beautiful teenager, and you are a beautiful woman!

I have a Junior High School photo from the yearbook which is really horror-story! Most of the kids at that age looked bizarre, at least in the yearbook!!

Susie said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!
I think that's a very cute picture of you!