18 April 2008

Peter Pan...

Tonight we went to the Miller Outdoor Theatre. During the warmer months of the year they have shows every Friday and Saturday night. They are shows put on by different groups, like the Houston Opera, the Houston Ballet, etc. It's always an awesome show, and the theatre is outside. You can bring a blanket and some food, some wine, your puppies, your kids, whatever! And the even better part is that it's FREE! So, we always have a nice time, and it's relaxing and fun.

It is dark when the show starts, but we get there a little early. So this is a photo of the
theatre from where we were sitting. You can see the blue/grey
near the bottom of the photo. That is the stage. Though at night you can see
everything very clearly.

The show for this weekend is a performance of Peter Pan.

The description from the website:

HITS pulls out all the stops with this beloved Broadway musical fantasy about the young boy who refuses to grow up, in a lavish production using the spectacular set from the Peter Pan national tour starring Cathy Rigby. Produced by HITS Theatre

The kids, World's Greatest Grandma and Grandpa, rowdy and lacy, and myself went. We had a great time, though our bottoms got a bit wet from the still soggy ground!

World's Greatest Grandma and Grandpa and of course their littlest babies!

Cuties! Yes...me too!

Tomorrow will be another day of soccer! It will surely be fun as the weather here is supposed to be beautiful.
I ran a total of 3.25 miles today. Oh, wait I haven't told about that yet have I? I think there might be a post due! To be continued...

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retha said...

A play, a picnic and it is free! Sounds very good to me.

I have been trying to pass that award on to you. I am struggling to post anything. Have tried to finish my thought-adding your name- with no success.
If you would like, please continue on this award of perseverance.