13 April 2008

First Games of the Season

Well, here I sit sipping on my (angels singing) white chocolate mocha, typing away and trying very hard to stay focused! I am exhausted. Really! We were so busy yesterday. With out the "getting ready" parts our schedule included the following:

Grocery Store, Little Man's Soccer parade, Little Man's first game, The school carnival, Nana's soccer game, Nana off to a movie (with world's greatest grandma, and our dear Chantell), Watching over my niece and nephew (they slept over and were angels!) and a Big Daddy Weave Concert.

Okay, so on that note, Little Man and I slept in until almost 11 today. I know that's horrible and most couldn't even imagine...we both love our sleep! It truly is under-rated!
So how were the games you ask? AWESOME!!!

Little Man... those cute little legs running all over the place has definitely learned from watching his sister play her entire life. He scored 4 goals, and "for real" he was all over that ball! He and another little girl really were the leaders! After, of course, he figured out the right goal...there was a lot of this coming from the side lines "the other way!".
Some photos...
Before the parade...he is so cute!


An action shot...he was on the way to take the ball!

Jaguars are #1

This is Little Man exercising extreme focus!!!

NaNa's team decided they were too BIG for a parade...and she frowns at me whenever I want to take a picture! So, next time you see that carnival commercial seeking the smile in the daughter who finally smiles at the boy from the jet ski...well that's the way it is!

So here she is playing some soccer ball!

She is #8 this season. Her favorite number.

She is really just looking away from me and wondering why I am taking her picture AGAIN!

Big Daddy Weave!

Now this Little Man is not worried about the camera at all!!

Who's tired? Not us!

I am so very proud and so very BLESSED! Every moment is a gift from God and I treasure them all. The sidelines at both games were crowded with our family and friends. It is so awesome to see so many people supporting and loving my babies! Thank you all!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Tell him that Ms. Dawn and Mr. Keem said "way to go buddy!!!!!"
Love you guys!
p.s. and a way to go to you to for sleeping in!! Whew, that day made me tired!!!

Spider63 said...

Great family life, it is very much to be grateful for. Every moment is precious!