23 March 2008

Working Hard For Real this time!!!!

Another truck load of mulch to put on the playground and around the trees and such. Little Man was the biggest helper ever. He took that mulch one *Tonka* truck at a time! And yes the hard hat was a must...for him!

My little king of the mountain!

I'm not nearly as cute...but I did work hard!!!The fruit of our labors was well worth it. The yard looks much better, though there are still some projects planned.
On another note my baby girl has a military ball Saturday so check back for pictures of her first formal event!!!

1 comment:

retha said...

Sweet, Ethan would have loved to help transport that load- Tonka load.

Thank you for offering us a place. We would love to accept, it is only that R40 000.00 keeping us back. (plane tickets)