17 March 2008

Little Man's new bike...

What fun! We did have a good time. The first ride yesterday resulted in a bo-bo. Today though was a huge success!!!!!!

I have to add a disclaimer as it was Pajama day at school today so that is why he has those on! He does have on all of his pads and felt invincible!

Thursday is also game night and we play games and eat junk food. We are back on track for the most part. We really had a great night. I love being a mommy. In all of life's moments I know that this was my purpose. To be the best mommy I can be. To be accountable for all of my actions and to always remember that they are only mine during this time on earth and that one day I will stand in front of God and have to answer for all I have done in their lives. I pray that I bring them up in a strong Christian home and with strong values and morals. Please continue to pray for all of us mommy's!

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retha said...

I have never seen one of those bicycles. It does look you are having fun.
Pyjamas to school, games and junk food!

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the thought that I have to give account, but other day s are so much easier. Thank you for this encouragement.