17 March 2008


I am dog sitting my "niece" Noel. She is such a big baby! So loving and sweet and totally unaware of the fact that she is too BIG to be a lap dog!

WOW! It's been so long, and then so long before that! They blocked access at work about 2 months ago (maybe longer) and that was the best time to get on and blog. So how is everyone? I have so much to tell you about, so I will do it in bullet statements. Bear with me here!

1. (this being the most important but not in order of when it happened!) my NaNa turned 12 last Saturday. We had a surprise birthday party for her at 7 in the morning! There was so much going on and I always wake the babies in bed with birthday cake so I thought...hmmm...I will just invite everyone to come along and we will follow with a yummy breakfast. So that is what we did! We had sausage gravy and biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and other stuff and of course cake and ice cream. Then we went for tea ( my dear Dawn as all special occasions go there was the "I miss Dawn" from my baby girl and then my "oh I know" and a moment of quiet for you my friend). We had a good time. That night my girl went to see Martina McBride with Rachel and her sis, and she was able to bring along her Grandma and Chantell (thank you Rachel...you are so loved)! I know there is more about this day to share, but again, if I wait to long, I lose the great details!!!

World's Greatest Grandma myad NaNa this beautiful quilt.

Some of the girls...there were about 20 people here and the moms were great dropping off their girls at 6:45 in the morning...she was definately surprised!

Aside from our Little Man this part of the day was "Girls Only"!

2. Little Man's been trying to learn to ride a bike...not there yet, but he's having fun trying and the training wheels have been on and off a lot lately!

3. I got my hair cut!
4. There was a girl's night out...the ending is best left at the end...though it was sooooo much fun!
5. I am working on growing more spiritually. Again working through the 40 Days of Purpose by Rick Warren, and also doing the Crown Financial with my small group. Oh and a personal bible study! So much, and I am really trying to focus time on all of these things!

6. I got a letter from Retha. This has been a few weeks now as I got it on my way out to go to the women's retreat (another great and fun thing, and Rachel came with me... so much fun!). It was covered with beautiful stamps and full of smiles. Retha, you can describe your life so well. I feel as though I am there with you! Someday I want to come see you!

7. Little Man is into kites right now! Here he is "flying" one he made at school...

Just a cutie pie...

I know this is just a bit of so much going on. I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't coming back. I am. I promise to do better! Just harass me every once in a while!


retha said...

I am so happy to see you again. And all the things that has been happening in your life!
Your Nana growing up, so lovely. You are a great Mom!
And your sweet little man.

The stamps was the post office, they went and stuck all those stamps over the flowers I was sending you.

Your hair looks lovely and I looks like it was a good time out.

retha said...

Oh,ja. It would be an event to be able to visit together.
And I see my last sentence has an "I" there that should not be there.