17 December 2007

So much going on! I am not too stressed... just trying to stay caught up! There is so little time on a day to day basis that if you add just a little bit it seems too much! I have been busy quilting and sewing as much as I can to get things done for Christmas. We made almost all of our gifts this year... trying to focus on things that would be special and cherished! It is a lot of work! There has been lots of fun too though! So I will put in a couple of pics though there aren't many as my camera has been messed up and is just now working again! Here are some from our ride on the KC-135 and of it refueling the F-16's from my unit! I was able to sign the World's Greatest Grandparents up as a family lift for all their support and I was able to go too... it was a fun experience!

World's Greatest Grandma and I getting ready to board the KC-135

An F-16 coming up under the jet to be refueled... that was awesome to watch! They did it with a joystick type thing! It was like a video game or something!

This F-16 is hooked up and getting fuel!

After they refuel they wait for the rest of their "group" and for our entertainment did it along the wings! They would wave at us if we waved at them!

Such and awesome photo. You can see the wing of the KC-135 we were in in the bottom of the photo. If you see the missiles under the wings of the F-16 that is what I do.


retha said...

Ethan say:
I must say the photo's look very nice.
I never knew that the planes get hooked.

retha said...

This must have been some experience, though my stomach is turning just looking at the photo's so high up in the sky.
Nice of the pilots being friendly.