20 December 2007

"I pity the fool"

So I am a big old softy! Yes... HUGE! My little man had a seizure about two weeks ago. We think it was a seizure and he is seeing a neurologist to be sure. We will know the results of that tomorrow. I am very very nervous. I am trusting in God that he knows all and will protect my baby. So, will you please take a minute to pray for my Little Man?
After seeing the neurologist the other day I was so proud of him. I am always proud of both my babies, but he was so good. He layed perfectly still and was awesome. So after I took him to get the dreaded Mohawk he had been begging for. Okay, so a selfish side note in case you are thinking I am such an awesome mom, I waited until after the Christmas pictures to do it!

Check him out! And the yellow is some spike gel we used.

In case you are too young to know... "I pity the fool" is Mr. T. My little man has him beat in coolness!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

WHAT???????????????!!!!!!!!!!! A SEIZURE???????????????? WHAT HAPPENED????????????