26 December 2007

A birthday celebration for Jesus!

CHRISTmas eve waiting for Santa.

CHRISTmas morning singing happy birthday to Jesus... Wake up Little Man!

Santa came...

Lots of presents. (too many really... but that is another story!)
Yummy cake for breakfast! We love birthdays!
Of course a couple of pictures of our early CHRISTmas with our NaNa. (She is with her Daddy)
Even Tahlia was feeling the holiday spirit!


Ironside said...

Looks like you all had a very happy holidays!!

retha said...

Those socks look beautiful! And the note with refreshments for Santa too sweet.
The one barely making it, too lovely.
I like that cake idea of yours.
Is that those 'sock somethings' I have been seeing around? Did you make it?
Good to see no one of the family is let out of the holiday spirit.