26 December 2007

All went well... Prayers still needed...

So, it was a Blessed Christmas (though my NaNa was very very missed). We did have a wonderful time! My big brother is here and we had so much fun! Family came for dinner too! So there was lots of food and desserts. Today we had to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. for Little Man's MRI. They had to put him to sleep for it so that he wouldn't move. All went well though and I only cried a tiny bit when he went to sleep in my arms. He of course was brave and strong! He had a patient advocate that was there just for him (us), that joined us when we registered and gave little man toys and coloring books and explained everything that was going to happen and came out to us every 5 minutes to tell us that all was well! She was such a blessing and had even came in during her vacation. We were very appreciative for her!

Here are a couple of pictures. We are continuing to pray and ask for prayers that they will find nothing in the MRI and that the medicine he has been started on for the seizures will be effective and it will all be outgrown!

Still getting registered. It was so early!

Little Man in his gown. Ready for his MRI.

Still sleeping but all went really well!!!

Hey Sunshine! Time to wake up! In his arms is Topper that the advocate gave to him. He got to hold it the whole time!
Thank you so much to my friends and family that keep us constantly in their prayers. I know that God answers our prayers!


retha said...

I am grateful with you that all went well. My 'insignificant' prayers for you is foremost in my heart and mind!

This is a big thing he went through. The patient advocate, looks like a very good idea. I assume it is the hospital's initiative.

I am proud of all three of you being able to go through this too and stay such lovely sunshine people!!

retha said...

When I spoke' to Google it gave a picture of this Sock.I suspect your Little Man will like this one.

retha said...

No I saw the address is too long for one line. I will e-mail you the page.