11 November 2007

A VERY Special Day

Today was a day that was beyond words for me. But I will try my best to tell you about it. Today my daughter was baptised. The cool thing is that at 11 she wanted to be and was excited about it. It was her CHOICE! This is the coolest part! So it was with a happy heart that I watched her be baptised. Here are a few pictures of this special day.

God's princess after church this morning.

Do I look Proud? I can't imagine feeling anything less! Proud and BLESSED!
NaNa with The World's Greatest Grandparents right before being Baptised.

NaNa being Baptised!

My beautiful babies. Little Man and NaNa!

We have had a really nice weekend! Lots of cuddling, and relaxing mixed with fun times and lots of Blessings. I am so very Grateful!

1 comment:

Retha said...

Looks your Little Man felt very cold.
Congratulations to you! and to your NaNa.
I am off to a new day, hope your night was full of soft pillows,cosy duvets and a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning.