27 November 2007

Thanksful Part II

I was reading this the other day and here comes my own little funny! So I would like to share... I will of course post a picture soon. It seems that my camera went on a little "vacation"!

Little Man brought this home from school:
Recipe for Flat Meat Turkey: My Mom cooks Flat Meat Turkey. She adds pepper on it. The oven is on Fire Hot Degrees and she cooks for 5 minutes. The Flat Meat Turkey gets hot. Then we eat it when it cools off. I love my Mom.

And I love my Little Man!


susiej said...

I love how kids are so enamored with the "hottness" of that oven. Very cute.

Retha said...

A good laugh!
Children does provide so much of fun. And the 'love mom' part is the best.

Retha said...

May your time be doubled. Where you normally see to others that you will have ENOUGH time to see to you.