14 November 2007

If you Pretend, you Can Believe!!!

Sounds much deeper than it really is! It's supposed to be Fall! Really, it's November, a week before Thanksgiving. It should be Fall! Not only because the Calender says so, but because it's the best time of the year. So why, WHY, WHY is it 87 degrees in Houston right now? It makes no sense!!!!!

So, I will pretend! I will smell the smell of Fall (that won't be hard- the leaves are covering my front yard even though I just raked them Monday) and I will just act like it is fall! Dangit!

Can you tell this is devastating for me? Can you hear the sadness?

Maybe I am being dramatic... that's entirely possible... and I am okay with it!

Anyway, we had friends over for dinner last night! World's Greatest Grandma, Treasa and her babies. Nothing special, just family getting together for fun and fellowship. So, I suppose it is special. Let me not underestimate it!!!

For desert we had this yummy cake from a local bakery.

So pretty, and festive for the season!

So, 87 degrees or not... Fall or no Fall... I am BLESSED!!!


Retha said...

We normally have two seasons summer and warm winters. This year we have had rain and rain and more rain- lovely.
Only the last few days, about 4, has it been hot. Actually more humid than hot. Looks like our summer has arrived now.
Hopefully the same will happen over there by you. That your season is just a bit late.

The cake looks lovely.
Good you had a good get together.

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Rebekah, thanks for stopping by my blog! hope fall happens for you quickly, it's the end of Spring here in Australia and I am loving the preview to the warm weather we've been lucky enough to get. i am sure I'll be over it by February!