11 October 2007

So now he's gone...

I know I should be shouting for joy, but I'm not. I should be sighing a huge sigh of relief, but again, I'm not.
It was a hard week. Each day was wonderful because my little man got to spend time with Daddy and his new wife. Then, he had to come home. Now, of all of us in the world who, after not seeing someone we love and idolize for a long time, wants to say good bye to them after such a short visit? Now imagine that same feeling of sadness in the heart of a 4 year old that has not a bit of understanding. It is very, very sad. I, being the wimp that I am, cry right along with him, because it hurts me to see him hurting and knowing that there is nothing I can do about it. We try with all of our might to protect our babies from hurting and then when it is happening you often realize that you have no control whatsoever and it is so hard!
The month to come will be just as hard, though day by day it will get easier. It is so hard on him, and to see a 4 year old depressed is enough to just make me want to scream. So I often take this frustration out on Daddy, as it is my only outlet.
So, for now things are looking better. For now, I am being more positive.
Hopefully this weekend we will get to enjoy the weather, buy some pumpkins, and do some snuggling on the couch! It should be a good time, with a slow pace and plenty of time to focus on the kids and their happy hearts!

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Retha said...

Immidiately, I cried with.