16 October 2007

More pictures to share! Though not very exciting! World's Greatest Grandma, 2 friends from work, and myself, volunteered to help the Houston Food Bank on Monday. We had fun, and once we got started it was actually a bit of work! I am under the impression that I am always acting silly... so on that note here are some pics from our day! There were several funny moments but I am just not a good story teller...

We waited for 2 hours. There was a convention going on so lots of people walked by with bags of goodies. I finally got me one (empty but still very cool!)... While waiting I leaned on a friend, and in my most beautiful singing voice sang "Lean On Me"... I had fun!

Before the packing of the food... we had to make the boxes... thank goodness there was a person "in the know" who instead of laughing at us.. helped us!

There were 400 thousand pounds of produce to pack up. We didn't get to stay long but it is always nice to do a good thing. Makes for a bit more fulfillment in ones day!

I hope that you are Blessed this week... remember the little things!


Iron-Man said...

You certainly have an active and exciting life! It would take a lot of energy to keep up with you!!

randi---i have to say said...

Wow! 400,000 pounds of food is a lot! Lots of people will be blessed!