08 October 2007

Finding the positives...

Well I was getting pretty negative... feeling bad and I don't like feeling that way! So, this post is dedicated to the silver lining... as there are to be a couple more frustrating days to come and I need to try really hard to find that lining right now!

Friday we spent the night at Treasa's house. Just the girls! Little Man was off with his daddy so the girls had snacks galore (nothing good for us) and a couple of drinks! We also did some quilting (finally) and I am almost done with my best friend's quilt I have been promising for 3 years! This will be THE year!!! NaNa also had her first dance. i straightened her hair and she wore her cutest clothes. I was so nervous for her. You know, wondering if she would even dance or if she would just stand on the wall. If she would dance with a boy(dread!) or just hang with the girls. I am (happy!!!) to report she danced the whole time and NOT with any boys (relief!). She had a blast and was hot and sweaty when I picked her up! Then the night was on with just us girls! For Saturday, NaNa had her first soccer game... now is where I get the bad mommy award because I FORGOT the camera!!! Unbelieveable! She did great (as usual) and we had fun. World's Greatest Grandpa came as well to cheer her on (and brought me Star*bucks), so I was a very happy girl!

Saturday evening we all went out to dinner at the Japanese Hibatchi restaurant and then NaNa got to hang out with World's Greatest Grandpa that night and the next day. I had to work but they were close by at the Air Show! She had a great time and is such a special girl!

So aside from missing my Little Man (that's hard) we had a good time. There was fun, family and yucky ol' work!

I hope that this post was a bit more positive. Thank you SusieJ for sending me some light... it was much needed!!!

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Retha said...

When I arrived here tonight I had to make certain I am at the right place.
This looks so lovely! Very 'bubbly'