19 October 2007

Angel Kisses...

I was reading This over at SusieJ's and it made me think of when my own mom passed away.
I have talked many times about my mom in my blog but I don't think I have said much about her with my babies. Some funny things and then I will tell you about the "Angel Kisses".

NaNa LOVED her Grandma Linnie. When she was a baby and couldn't quite say it yet she called her GaGaw Ninnie. My mom LOVED this. I think hoping the name would stick... it didn't! NaNa had her Grandma's pretty red hair and being smart and sweet and funny she had a blast with her Grandma. When my mom would come to visit they would be silly. NaNa would dance around the house touching things and my mom would follow her and do whatever she did... for hours! This would be to the Paul Simon music... and my mom would be in her night gown with her hair sticking up all over the place. How I wish now I had a video camera at the time! One day she told NaNa to tell me I was a great gal... NaNa said it but it sounded like this "Your a great COW mommy"! My mom got a huge kick out of that! When we moved from Louisiana to Indiana we lived in a farm house near my Grandmother. This was such a special time for my mom as she was able to share her grand baby with her own mother. At the farm house my mom bought a trampoline for my nephew's birthday.
Well, my mom used to do the "Shake Shake Shake" with NaNa. This was them making chocolate milk. They would take a Mason jar and put in the milk and chocolate syrup and dance around the house singing "Shake Shake Shake" until they were ready to drink the chocolate milk. Well... my NaNa being an early riser one morning woke up her grandma...and wanted her chocolate milk. I will just say I was awaken at about 6 in the morning to the sounds of them in the yard. I looked out to see my mom and my baby jumping on the trampoline in their night gowns singing as loud as they could the "Shake Shake Shake" song. It was always my moms way to create a wonderful memory. I am laughing now just thinking of that morning. Later when we moved to Virginia my mom would come to visit and while I was working my mom would ride her on the bike to the beach and they would have a picnic each day. Always special memories to be made...
Jump ahead now to my Little Man. Most can tell but just in case you can't he is mixed. His daddy is, according to Little Man, brown and I of course am not... Well my mom loved the fact that he was mixed and when she came to visit when he was 5 weeks old she was shocked to see he had straight soft hair and was as white as I... most know this is not unusual, but my mom was might I say, a little disappointed! Well, anyway, Little Man was a preemie, weighing in at 4lbs 10 oz when we left the hospital so he was just a little bitty thing. We went to the mall to have photos taken and my mom goes up to a black girl and says "My grandson is mixed when is he going to change color?". She was really looking forward to this. I can say that I was MORTIFIED but at the same time it was really funny! When people would comment on how beautiful he was (yes he was gorgeous!) she would say he's my grandson and he's mixed. As though they were equal in importance! I know, having known her, that it was all said with pride, but I do think it is very funny!
Anyway... on to the angel kisses.
My mom liked to say that freckles were angel kisses. Whenever you got a freckle it was to be a kiss from an angel.
My Little Man didn't have any, and who would have expected him to have any? I know my babies, every inch of them and so what a treat it was to notice only days after my moms passing that he had 2 little angel kisses. One on his knee and one on his little neck! I do believe in these things. I believe that it was her way of leaving something for Little Man as she had only had that one week with him. She was such an amazing Grandma...
An Aside: She told NaNa and Little Man that freckles were angel kisses, but she told my nephew that he got them from sleeping on her arm... as she and he had lots of them! She was so silly, but she left her kisses and Nephew will always have his Grandma's freckles!
I know I am not the best story teller... I hope you were able to enjoy this though. As it is such a sweet memory for me and a reminder that my loved ones are close by, always.


SusieJ said...

Takes my breath away. I hope our Mom's are having a good time watching us -- Just a few minutes ago, we were driving along, and my son, who was paying attention to the radio said, "Hey, she just said eleven eleven." I looked at the clock, and it was 11:11

Retha said...

What lovely memories! To have had a mother so proud is probably all a 'cow' can ask for.