28 September 2007

What is necessity?

As promised in my previous post I am sharing some pics from our most recent adventures! In addition I wanted to share something.
Today a dear friend told me that I do too much (definitely not in a negative way). More in the context that I need to take a break. They told me I do a lot and that they know a lot of it is stuff I have to do, but that some of it is stuff that I choose to do (not exact words but a summary!). They are so right, however, the things I do that some see as a choice; well I don't see it the same. I suppose a picnic at the park or an hour at the book store reading books and playing trains can be considered a choice. But to me, I consider it something I have to do.
I have been so extremely Blessed with my babies. They are the most awesome gifts I could ever receive. On that note, I realize that they are gifts. They are also really God's children and having been trusted with their care I am responsible for them on more levels than just food, housing and clothes! I want to feed their spirits, their minds and their hearts. I need to fill them with love and I need to provide them with a strong and secure foundation. Once they leave my home they will start their own, and I am, in part, providing them with the necessary tools to do that. They are also children and as children I want them to experience fun things, and just being KIDS! Playing in the park, splashing in the mud puddles in their church clothes, picnics when they don't expect them. So much time is invested in work, school, and sleeping. Very little time is left for all the other things they can experience. After a long day at work, I am tired. Not my little ones! They are just getting started. They have been sitting all day. It is time for them to play. Once they are gone I will have so much time for rest and I will wish these years back. I don't want to let them pass and wish I had done more or taken more time to play with them. I have to tell myself often that when they are 30 they won't remember the dishes were in the sink or that the floor hadn't been vacuumed. But they will remember that I played tag with them in the dark or that we ate sandwiches in the park and chased the run away dogs!
So our recent adventures! These were taken last weekend...

The first were at the park where we had a picnic after church.

NaNa wanted this picture! It's one of my favorites!
Go Little Man!
We are dorks... but it's fun!
We love this park! It's pretty and quiet and has 2 play grounds!
When you play hard you sleep hard! My flash makes it look really bright but it was dark!
We went to the races... Little Man called it a MASCAR race... I love what they say!

We are so super cool we got to get IN the race cars... not so easy for my big butt!

Family, Fast Cars, Hot Dogs... Nope not missing anything!

Alright so I am very proud of my babies! Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?

Little Man is all about all things FAST!

Not so sure she was so into it all but she did like this guys purple car!


Susie said...

I know I haven't been by in a while, and I can see your littlest has grown quite a bit. What delightful family times you've shared. You're so correct in saying these are truly the things they will remember the most.

SusieJ said...

Wow -- I love the one on the bed -- passed out.

AVIDINHA said...
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AVIDINHA said...

love you bek, you're awesome!