27 September 2007

She's Come Undone! The Undercover Unraveling!

Oh and I am here to tell you it can be done!
How to unravel: First take a person with a sense of responsibility and give them a bunch of it! Then when they have a lot give them 2 amazing children to care for. Make sure both of those amazing children have lots of interests and activities that they MUST participate in. Add to this mix, a house, 2 dogs and some interests for the responsible person. What you get is a person coming undone. As a fan of all of Wally Lamb's books I will borrow his title "She's Come Undone".
It's not too much. Really it isn't, the other 320 days of the year. But for about 45 (did I do the math right?) days a year I truly feel as though I am coming undone! I go at full speed and fill every imaginable moment with Dentist appointments, PTA meetings, Soccer games and practices, Bible studies, time with family, trips to the zoo, meet the teachers, and whatever else in addition to trying to keep a clean house, a cut yard and laundry in the drawers and not in the baskets (this I find to be the ultimate challenge)! I go until I can't go anymore... or wish that I couldn't... and then I just crash! I cry (a lot, in the car on the way from work to the daycare center) and I get a little snappy, and then I become completely isolated aside from being a mommy! I wake up under a dark cloud and have to convince myself to get up. I keep moving but inside I really don't want to. Then for some reason I bounce back. I just wake up and the dark cloud seems to have lifted.
It's like a ball of yarn wound tight and put away and for some reason every time you look at it; it has gotten looser and looser until you have to pick it up and tighten it again!
I call it undercover because I am able to come completely undone and to the unknowing still make it appear as though I have it all together, and as though it is somewhat effortless for me.
Don't get me wrong...
I am a happy person. I am extremely Blessed. I have the most amazing babies. I have a good job. I love my home. I have the best friends in the world. I have and have and have. I wouldn't change it for the world.
I just wanted to share that I have "Come Undone".
Now that I have shared it's time to get it back together...

Lots of Pictures from our latest adventures to be posted this week sometime AFTER I get it back together!

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