16 September 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Oh My!

What a fun weekend. As usual we went until we couldn't go anymore! But what fun we had!
We spent all of Saturday at the zoo... so much fun! World's Greatest Grandma and Grandpa went too!
We are too cute for words...I am so BLESSED!
Little man is afraid of NOTHING!!!
She is so past the petting zoo... she's only doing it for me!
God has been so good to me!
Little Man and World's Greatest Grandpa. Goofin' off!
NaNa and Grandma are taking a break...
This is how I know they had a BLAST... (not even 5 minutes from the zoo!)
So when you spend the whole day at the zoo what else can you do? You get up early and start the day with God... then you enjoy some of his amazing miracles. Like: family, friends, water, sun, and the list goes on and on... We went sailing with World's Greatest Grandpa.
We weren't the only ones on the water. There were hundreds of boats.
This little guy loves the sail boat.
Here we are at the front of the boat trying to get our feet splashed!

I suppose so many things could be said. I just want to say 2: thank you GOD, and phew! I will again work on focusing on the Today's this week. I am so very Blessed and must take the time to savor all that I have been given. Remember to hug your family, forgive your enemies, and smile for all you have!


Retha said...

I does look like you enjoyed the week end.
I love the sea. Actually, the 3 of us do. But I do not think I will go on any vessel easily!

I see it as a great honour and responsibility to be called a friend!
Thank you!

Spidey said...

Great to see that you are having fun, and fun with family is great fun!

Oh, The Joys said...

What is he doing to that goat's behind?! Heh.