29 September 2007

It's the little things!!!

Before the day got started... little man and T-bone chillin'

Just goes to show it doesn't take millions of dollars to have a good time...especially when you have little ones!

My little man is into all things fast, or big and if it has wheels on it...he is all over it! So I talked to the fire chief and asked if I could bring my little man by. He said of course and so we went today. The guys were great and gave Little Man the opportunity to see what ever he wanted. He was really shy at first and didn't have much to say but it only took a few minutes! He didn't want to do the siren so I did it for him! He did get to go in all the trucks though... I thought he would have been more excited but he was busy soaking it in and being a little shy! But he hasn't stopped talking about it yet!!! He is so proud of having been able to see the fire trucks!
He looks so tiny in that big ol' fire truck!
He was seeing what he could do! (note the cars in his hands...always)

Look at me!

He might have been a bit disappointed this hose didn't have water coming out!

They are sooo cute! Funny socks and all!

I love this picture! It was taken on our way to the movies...

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