08 September 2007

In A Week...

So much has been happening. It gets hard to keep track of sometimes! My little ones are well into starting school. They have both adjusted well and are having a great time.
Little Man has decided that all the girls in the class are his... He loves his teachers and has decided that he likes to make good choices! Each day he tells me "I choosed to be good today". I love it!
NaNa is in middle school and is having a good time. Lots of homework and stuff though! On top of the regular homework she had an assignment that was supposed to be done over the summer. I won't even get into why I was never sent the information... only that I wasn't! So, she had 1 week to read to fairly large books, one of which we had to order and a lot of writing to do on each. She did it though with no complaining, and she worked so hard! I had to contact the teacher and I think it worked! She got the full amount of points available for the project being late even though she only had half of it done. I hope she feels protected and loved when I get involved and stand up for her.
So many people feel like they (our children) should be standing up for themselves. I know too well what that feels like. To work each day on something, and work hard at it, and no one to say "hey look at the progress made". Life is hard enough. So often we are focused on the end result, the final grade. But when it comes to our babies, I feel like we are teaching them that if they can't get it done; then don't waste your time doing the job. I want my girl to work as hard as she can and do the best she can... for now that is all she can do. Really it is all she will ever be able to do. But I want to instill that in her now. I do want her to have goals as well, and I want her to accomplish them as often as is possible. But mostly I want her to be proud of giving it her all. Pride is only valuable when it comes from within first. If she is always looking for that approval from someone else... I feel like she will be working for nothing. So what I am saying... yes there is a point... is that she is working really hard, and I made sure the teacher knew that she had, and because of her hard work and a louder voice she was given credit for that hard work! Be there for your babies no matter what. Love them and build them up so that they can be strong for themselves one day.
Okay... enough of that rant!
What else has been up? Well we had the open house at school for Little Man. His teachers love him and are as impressed as I in how much he has grown in just the last month. He is really communicating and we are talking through things. He is still stubborn... just a little less difficult!
Poor thing has that head though... he fell from the recliner (where he had fallen asleep during a movie) and bumped his little head. It was a bad bump though and it began to swell.. I freaked! Not really bad, but I didn't want to drive as I have a tendency to pass out when I get nervous. So I called an ambulance. They didn't take him in, but I had to wake him often and it was a REALLY LONG night! All is well again though.
We started back to Wednesday nights at church. Little Man is now in Pioneers and NaNa is off with the Jr. High Kids.
I am doing some much needed bible study.
I have drill this weekend... so I won't get to spend much time with them, but if I get the chance there is a great video I need to post of Little Man getting his Jam on!

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Retha said...

So sorry to hear about your NaNa and Little Man's difficulty!

Your page is lovely. So lively, vibrant, the way I imagine you to be.
The new photos are also a pleasure.