26 August 2007

It's back to school time...

So how better to get ready than to be pampered, and preened? My NaNa is starting Junior High. This means a major day of fun to get her ready! We have planned most of the summer for a girls day! That said... it was time! Greatest Grandma, NaNa, Chantell and I were off.

First we were off to get our nails done. Manicures and Pedicures were wonderful...
Then, Chantell and I were on to a bit of waxing...(Dawn I was thinking of you, she didn't yell!)
From there we were off to the Queen's Crazy Kitchen for a girls only lunch...
After a filling lunch we were off to get our hair done.

Elijah met us here... He starts Pre-school Monday!!!!!
We finished the day doing a little shopping for the necessities... no pics on this one!
It was a tiring day for all! Oh, but what fun it was!

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