13 July 2007

We're back!!!

Well little man had had enough! It was a complete breakdown and he really needed his mommy. Not to mention that I needed him just as much! So, I came home a day early! We spent the evening shopping for fish because I had promised him 2 of them. And then today we went to the zoo, picked up the girls and then went to the pool! I am exhausted... but it was a wonderful week and a wonderful day!!!!!

Silly boy!

Elijah and Kenzie riding the train!

Little Man and I posing for Kenzie!

Hanging at the pool!

Pretty NaNa!

1 comment:

Owens Family Adventures said...

I am sooo glad you got all your kiddos back!!!
Hey, I loved the message you and Treasa left on my answering machine.....VIVA LA' MARGARITTAS!!!!