24 June 2007

The strike continues...

It has been a while. My babies have been away and I miss them desperately! So I had decided not to blog for a while. As they are what I mostly blog about! Apparently I need to post something... as I have been directed! So I will share some things I have been up to since my babies have been away!

Little Man and I swimming before he left!

On the way to the Norah Jones concert. A birthday gift from Andy. Thanks Andy!

Just cruising around!

At the bowling alley celebrating Andy's birthday! He is now older than me!

Well, my baby girl will be home this coming Saturday. I can't wait! Then only a couple more weeks till my little man comes home. I miss them! I know I already said that! I will catch up soon with all of my blogging buddies!!!!


headless chicken said...

Wow, you are a stud! I didn't even know you had a link to my blog over here!!

But more so you are a stud for serving in the Air Force!! I have SO much respect, you can't even imagine!

I'll stop back by and look at your cuties when I have more time! I can see why you miss them so much!

Spidey said...

I hope that you are having fun and doing fine, I imagine your family is all together now, good for you!