28 May 2007

Our days; A Novel!

Okay, so again, I have let time slip by me! Hence the novel you are about to read!

My NaNa graduated from 5Th grade and is officially a Junior High Student. Pray for me! She did great, and was as beautiful as ever!
We did lots of beautiful curls in her hair (I am full of envy!). Best yet, she received honor roll for the whole year! Go Girl!

Then... there are some pics from her last soccer game of the season!

We had lunch at Fudruckers and she got her trophy!

We went Bowling in the evening and of course we are kick butt! Check us out!

The three amigos!

Our dear friends are back from Iraq as well... and of course I didn't get all their pictures.

However, but here is a picture of our dear friend Andy.

The day seemed to be too exhausting for all.

Precious moments indeed!

Then my baby girl was off to see her daddy! My girl went off on the jet plane... I would sing the song; but we all know I am not a good singer! I cried some... okay A LOT!

Little Man took these pictures! He is GOOD!

Last night me and the little man... in our "missing NaNa" stupor headed out to see Shrek 3. My head hurt, so I wasn't the best of company. I blame that on missing my baby girl!

Well this was fun! More to come this week, as I will be turning 29 AGAIN and so we will be heading out to see my Beloved Reds play my second loves the Astros! I am sure that there will be fun to tell you all about!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Man you have a busy life!!!!! :) How long will our Nana be gone?? The whole summer?? How is little man gonna see his daddy?? You're not coming here by any chance are you??????????????????
I still have the package..going to Osan on Thursday and need to pick up one more thing and then I'll send it out. I miss you my friend!!!

Susie said...

That had to be hard saying goodbye for her summertime visit. Hope she has a wonderful time.