05 May 2007

I got to go on a date!!!!

Oh yes I did! Tonight was truly special! I asked the special man in my life if he wanted to go on a date. I played the Luther Vandross song in the car "Can I take you out tonight" and he said yes!!!! So off we went in our best.... more on that in a bit! To the movies! We got there and with a little prodding (as he is a little shy) he asked for 2 tickets to see Spider-man 3. We were on our way. He even ordered 2 kids packs (popcorn, a drink, and some candy for those that don't know). We picked the perfect seats, right in the middle of the row and he held my hand and said... are you ready? "Thank you for my date mommy"!!!!!

So about our "best". We went in our Jammie's! Here is little man in his...

I would show you mine, but he wasn't doing too well with the camera!

NaNa was at her Grandma's house for a little special time with her... so she missed out! Though we did get her permission before going anywhere special without her!!!

Well it seems that all this excitement has worn me out! Night all!

Oh one more thing... apparently the excitement of the evening was just too much to bear...as my Little Man has just let me know. As here he is asleep on my chest. (how long will I get to continue doing this for? Hopefully a long long time!)


Anonymous said...

Hey its Chantell I love that movie Spider man!!! I saw it on the same day you did hahahahahaah. Well bye...XOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOXO

Susie said...

My daughter's family saw the same movie. They were thrilled that a local drive in opened for the summer season and saw it there.
Love the pics of your cutey Spiderman!!

Spider said...

Enjoy your time with the children when they are so itty bitty!~

SusieJ said...

How SWWEEET!! And We have that cosutme floating around our house, moving from body to body!