31 May 2007

How Bout Them REDS!

As luck would have it (though I am not a firm believer in luck) my Beloved Reds play here in Houston against my second loves the Astros right about time for my birthday each year! So, each year we get dressed up in our Reds gear and head to the game! And, again, as luck would have it (see above) my Reds usually win! We went last night, and had a great time (minus a couple of set backs) and here are some pictures of me and the Little Man (WE MISS YOU NANA)!

The Reds won 4-3! YIPPEE!

It's fun to see how many people take a second look when it register's that we are wearing Red's stuff rather than Astro's stuff! The first time I wanted to yell "I am normally and Astro's fan, but I am from Cincinnati". i no longer have this urge! I just smile and say hello, in true Texas fashion and go on about my way!


Spidey said...

The Reds were my favorite team back when they had Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion, Joe Morgan, Don Gullet, Dan Driesen, George Foster, Pedro Borbon, and many other great players.

Best Friends said...

hey momma why do you have to make me wish i was there so badly!!!miss and love you bunches! PEACE OUT!!☻

Anonymous said...

Hey Its Chantell,
Just wanted to say hi and cant wait to see ya well TTYL bye:)