12 May 2007

A Fun Survey

If you decide you like it enough to do it, leave me a comment so I can read yours!

what is your name spelled backwards?
It’s late... now I have to think! HAKEBER oooh I like that. That could be something you say when someone has a cold. Like my nose is full of Hakeber’s!

what did you do last night?
I got home really late and watched the lightening with the kids. I was also a bit tired and grumpy!

the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
Songs for Wendell’s ipod so he would have something uplifting to listen to while in Iraq. He was pleasantly surprised!

have you ever licked a 9v. battery?
I am pretty sure I have. Probably a dare by my evil brothers and sister!

how many cars have you owned?
Well let’s see... 6. Lots of stories there, but the first 3 were within 2 years and none cost more than $600 dollars. I drove those babies till they were done! Now I have Dora (nope not of the Ford family). Only cause’ I plan on doing some exploring, and when we get somewhere I like to sing the "We did it" song!

type of music you dislike most?
Songs that have negative connotations or that use bad language to say something that doesn’t require it. Just makes the word "ignorance" repeat over and over in my head!

are you registered to vote?
I am not. Okay, you can put me in time out now!

do you have cable?
For now, but not for much longer!

ever made a prank phone call?
Yeah... Way back in the day!

you like anyone right now?
Sure do. My babies, and my friends, and my family! There might be a crush, but you will never know!

furthest place you’ve ever traveled?
Hmmm... too tired to think and the globe is in the other room! I have been to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq as well as other places. Though those are the furthest.

do you have a garden?
Not one that lives very long! I so wish I had my mother’s talent when it came to gardening! She used to come to each house in the spring and her and NaNa would make the most beautiful garden!

do you know all the words to the national anthem?
Plead the 5th, plus I am already in time out!

shower, morning or night?
Morning. Have to, it’s the only thing that will tame the FRO!

best movie you’ve seen in the last month?
Only movie would be SPIDERMAN 3 with my little man! Best date ever!

favorite pizza topping?

chips or popcorn?

who is your longest friend and how long?
Christine. We have been friends since we were 8 and it has been the greatest blessing!

last time you ate a home-grown tomato?
That would be at Grandma’s house. They still grow their own and they are the best ever!

favorite computer game?
Don’t laugh! Free cell!

have you ever had to wear a uniform to school or work?
I’m not going to answer that! Okay, so I will! Yes, every single day for the last 13 years and 10 months!

would you prefer being a millionaire or having true love?
I would love both! How bout’ true love first then Ed is welcome to knock on my door anytime soon after!

can exes be just friends?
This is hard. Of course they can, but it is a must that they respect the boundaries of that friendship. If one person oversteps those boundaries someone will get hurt! You have to be mature enough to do it.

did you have long hair as a kid?
I did, then at some point it was short! I have crazy hair, so I am sure the less my mom had to mess with it the better. Not to mention that I fought having it brushed, because of all the curls it hurt so bad! My mom said the best day ever was when I started doing my own hair!

what was the name of your first pet?
It was a cat named Kitty!

what kind of backpack do you have and what’s in it?
I have a black one (must be in uniform) and it is full of STUFF! Useless, maybe I’ll need it someday, STUFF!!!

what is the one thing you are grateful for today?
The unconditional love of God and my babies.

what do you think most about?
Right now, getting everything back in line! Finances and my schedule. I want to get back to school by next spring. I want to be the best mom I can be so that consumes my thoughts. Lots of things to think about! Maybe that is why I have been so stressed lately!

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Susie said...

I haven't seen this meme before. You have some questions and answers that I haven't seen before.