21 May 2007

Comfy Spots

Awwww... Tahlia's new favorite place to sleep! She is actually sleeping on the back of my neck while I drive! She stayed like this both there and back so a good 45 minutes in the car! Silly Girl!
Sorry for the yucky picture. Again, it was with my phone and I was trying to get the picture to come in better, so that should explain the funny face I am making (besides, I just look funny!)


Susie said...

Too cute!!
I once had a cat that would wrap herself around my neck while I drove. She'd just lay there like a big fur collar!

Spider said...

wHAT A CUTE little puppy!!

dcrmom said...

That is SO cute.

Uncivil said...

Love that pic!Makes me remember when my little Emily used to sleep on my neck back in 99/2000.