23 April 2007

It's a Girl!

Yep, I am trying to substitute dogs for babies! Most know I want lots of babies, but until then there are these cute little puppies, that need to be spoiled!

This is Tahlia, she is so perfect! Too bad she has decided that Little Man will be hers!

He gets all the lovins'! He has said he will be her protector... works for me! NaNa already claimed T-bone! Maybe the next one really can be mine!!!!

Just in case you thought that was a lucky shot!

Even T-Bone loves her (sometimes!).


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is soooo cute!!!!! You are now my hero with two dogs...two kiddos.....and a full time job. :) I'll be sending their package out next week, after Kareem leaves. I've been working up a storm over here and haven't had any time. I'll send you an email tomorrow, it's my day off, and update you on all the "haps" here. Love ya much!!!

Spider63 said...

Beautiful dogs and children! Now you can potty train all your babies.