08 April 2007

I think I can, I think I can...

Alright, so we worked way too many hours and I was way too tired, but after working those long hours, I had some babies that were missing their mommy. With drill coming up next weekend, I really only had this weekend to do things with them! So, we did a bunch! Thursday night we got Chantell and we were off!

Soccer practice and some shopping Friday, soccer game, cookie baking, and a movie lined up for Saturday. Sunday was church, coloring easter eggs and Easter dinner.
Here are just a few pictures of a great weekend...
Yep... that shirt says Soccer Mom!

You go girl!

Can you tell it is not only 50 degrees but raining? Grandpa was a real trooper!

Chantell being a good girl and calling her Momma! NaNa always has a lot of people loving her from the sidelines!

Yummy! Baking cookies! We also colored lots of eggs! I have so many pictures from this weekend! I don't know which ones to post!!!!!

Our beautiful family on Easter!

The world's best Grandma and Grandpa!

Nothing beats family on Easter. What a blessing!

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