17 April 2007

Going on a Fasari!

Nope, I didn't spell it wrong! Little Man had a field trip with his class to the Dickinson Bayou, and it was so much fun! He looked forward to it for a while and kept telling me he was going on a Fasari with his friends! I tried to tell him it was a Safari, but to no avail. He will let me have my day I am sure!

So, we had a blast! Who doesn't love being around LOTS of 3 year olds for a whole day? Okay, so some may not enjoy that, but I do!

We started in the petting zoo... he was loving it!

He is sooooo cute! Maybe I am partial?

The animals came right up to us. The other kids were a little timid at first. NOT Little Man! He is fearless!

See... he is feeding the camel here! Though you can see the fear in the other children's faces, Little Man is, again, loving it!

Okay, so if you have never fed an Ostrich from a bucket, these things are SCARY! They come at the bucket and it feels as though they are going to poke your eye out. Thank goodness their aim is right on! I fed them first, as every one of the children (aside from Little Man) cried or jumped to the floor in fear! I laughed in a "I am frightened, excited and don't know what else" kind of way! It was not a pretty sound, but it broke the ice!


SusieJ said...

No, not partial. Beautiful, cute, adorable. You look very happy.

Spider63 said...

Cool photos, the petting zoo is always great fun!!

Susie said...

I love the "fasari" term. Your little man is sweetness in one small package!!
Glad you had a fun day :)