04 March 2007

I CAN...

I can be independent
I can be strong
I can make my children laugh
I can take care of them
I can teach them to take care of themselves
I can build a shelf and bake a cake in the same day
I can laugh at myself
I can Forgive
I can give when I have very little
I can make Bo-Bo's all better with a single kiss
I can build bombs
I can make a quilt
I can sew my own curtains
I can match
I can make monsters disappear
I can be a silly monster
I can love
I can make people feel welcome in my home
I can change my own oil
I can drive a semi and a motorcycle
I can laugh spontaneously
I can be a best friend
I saw something like this in several posts and thought, "hmmm let me see what I CAN do"
It was fun and it forces you to look for your own positives. Something we should do more often of but don't!
If you get a chance do it too and let me know so that I can see it!


AVIDINHA said...

i like that

Susie said...

I'm impressed by your list of "I Can"
I'm not sure mine is that extensive!