22 March 2007

Big time Catch up!

I know, I know...I am always getting behind! And, I am always busy! But for real, I am! Anyway, just to touch on the last couple of weeks! My baby girl turned 11 on the 8th of March and we had her "birthday wake up". This is when I wake the kids up on their birthday with cake in bed and singing to them and they get to have cake for breakfast. They love it, and I love it!

This time though the world's bestest Grandma and Grandpa came at 5 in the morning (yes I typed that right!) to be there for the "birthday wake up" so it was that much more special!

And of course there were birthday presents to open!

To finish it off... I pulled her out of school (this might be becoming a tradition as well!) and she, Grandma and myself had lunch at our favorite Tea Room.

That was the 8th, on the 10th she left for a trip to Washington D.C. with her 5th grade class (lucky girl!) and while she was away we surprised her with a room make over. This took a couple of days and we finished it just in time for her Tuesday night return! Grandma helped with painting and making pillows and my other great friends pitched in a LOT! So here are some before and after pictures!

In the before pictures you will see that her room was very colorful and "busy" as well as being girly! She loved it, but has since out grown it and when I went through the divorce and we bought this house she wanted something new, but I just couldn't afford it. She was very understanding and patient!

The new room is more "mature" and she will be surrounded by motivational type sayings like "live, laugh, love", "tomorrow is a new day", "beauty comes from within" etc. These are stenciled like a border around the top of her room! Grandma and I had a good time painting. I love her and to spend a whole day with her painting was lots of fun! She was so surprised when she did get home at MIDNIGHT and saw it!

Baby girl did come home on the 13th. We missed her lots, but were able to talk to her each night and she had SOOOOO much fun! I will let her pick from her many pictures which ones she would like to post! Here though are some pictures of her coming in! You can't see too well in the first, but she is giving little man a big kiss in the second one! He missed his NANA SO much!

Well... what better way to welcome your baby home then to take them the next day to the doctor for 3 shots. Yep 3! And then give little man 1! He got lots of stickers!

This one here is while we were waiting! Just in case you thought I might be camera shy!

So, the next day after the doctor, both kids had dentist appointments! I have pictures, but they are on Baby girls phone which is in Grandma's car. So I will tell you that Little Man went all by himself and got lots of prizes! Baby girl, of course was her brave self and there were no cavities! YAY! Baby girl does need braces.... not sure when I will be able to afford those, but am putting them at the top of the list. Say some prayers!

Okay, all this fun stuff and this was all in a week! I won't tell you what my laundry pile looks like! But I will tell you that the very same week on Friday, my dog (yes I love him) decided to EAT my couch! Now, it is only a $60 love seat but it was the only couch I had! So, Chantell's mom and dad sold me a couch and love seat for literally nothing ($80) and they are in PERFECT condition! I haven't taken pictures yet but will! So the weekend was spent "redecorating" the living room to match the new furniture! If you know anything about me... everything has to match! I will post on the living room with pictures! I promise DAWN!

Anyway... that was last week and weekend... for this week! Monday finished up the living room, a friend hung blinds in Nana's room, and had a back storm door installed!

Then (Insert Jaw's music here) yesterday evening I got a really big BO BO when the ceiling fan in the garage (on a shelf) fell on my HEAD! It hurt really bad and I had to go get stitches! I am a big weenie so this was not a pleasant experience! Here is my after picture with my pressure bandage on my head that I had to wear all night so as not to get a Hematoma (I think a big bump)!

However, 8 stitches later, and a bit of a headache and all is good!

Well for now, I will sign off! There is of course gonna be more to come!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what a week!!!!!!!!! See, this is why you are at the top of my hero list! What everyone doesn't know is that this is just a typical week in the life of you. I love love love the room Bec!!! You did such a great job on it. I'm telling you...you should be an interior decorator. And how awesome for the "grandparents" to come over at 5 for little girls birthday. You hit gold with those two...tell them I miss them!!! I'm sorry about your bo-bo. Times like that I wish we still lived 5 minutes away so I could come up to the emergency room and sit with you. Sigh, you are growing up!!! heehee I love ya my friend very much!!!!