14 February 2007

Valentine's Day

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Today is Valentines Day and though Commercialized, it is still a great time to say I love you! My heart is very Happy, in the literal/physical sense because I havn't smoked in 9 days....yes this is an amazing Blessing, and I am not taking it for granted! It is still a struggle daily, so please don't forget to add/keep me in your prayers!

It is also Happy in the tingly feel good way, because I am so much in love with my babies, and am so loved by them. They are my special valentines! This morning they "surprised" me with a very sweet picture they had made together and were so very proud, as they deserved to be! It was a wonderful start to the day! My friend at work then surprised me with flowers...I will post a picture, and a dear friend Leah also surprised me with a bag full of goodies, as well as a candy bar (that is really good!) from another co-worker!

So it is off to a great start! I will be leaving shortly to go to Bri's party at school (she doesn't know about this yet) and then will be fixing our "special" dinner!

Bri loves tomato soup and many years ago I made it for her on Valentine's day (it is red) along with heart shaped grilled cheese and we ate our soup in heart shaped bowls and had a very wonderful dinner. Anyway, that has become our tradition...and so we are looking forward to it. I am at least, I am not sure my forgetful girl remembers these things until they happen!!!!

So that is how I will be spending my Valentine's day. Though it might be short on romance, there is no shortage of love, and gratitude!

I am so thankful for my many Blessings!

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Susie said...

The party and dinner are great ideas, but the best gift you're giving her is your good health by stopping smoking!!
Congratulations on 9 days!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!