09 February 2007

Hair Cuts... What's the deal?

My little man was way over due for a hair cut! The curls were sticking up and getting frizzy. So I took my little man to the same place he has always gone to get his little afro in check. He was very excited to be going to see Don and is always a little man when he gets his hair cut! BUT, when we got there, Don was no longer working there (where he went is another question I will continue to investigate!) and the man who had taken his place was available to cut my little mans hair. Now, a very important thing to remember is that I LOVE my babies curls! So when "New Man" asked how I would like Elijah's hair cut I said a taper. Leave the curls on top just trim them and clean them up and taper it out. I will not continue to explain except to tell you that there were a few tears! Elijah though is very proud of his haircut, and so I tell him how very handsome he looks and that it is such a good haircut! So, should you see him, don't frown or anything smile really big, so that he doesn't end up with a complex or something!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

I think he looks so grown up!!!! He's not a baby any more. What did they do at the barber shop when you started to cry??? I really think he looks great Bek!!