02 February 2007


While visiting Susie's Space today, I saw that she did a "Farkleberry Five" post which is a very cute one. I have done this one before, but I don't think I have done it on the blog. The idea is to list 5 things about you that others don't know.

So here I go with my "FARKLEBERRY FIVE":

1. I am obsessed with all things "matching"...they MUST match! And... I have passed this on to my children. So I can now look forward to years of my children driving people crazy just like I do!!!

2. The days when I am the most saddest, are the times I don't share with anyone...on those days I am myself in front of everyone but I cry in my car all the way from one place to another. My car is my crying place.

3. When I was a little girl my family called me "Sally Jesse Raphael" because I had red glasses and they wanted to make fun of me. BUT I secretly thought it a compliment as I thought she was smart and beautiful!

4. I am called by my children "Mom the Builder" (just like Bob the Builder) because I love building things with wood, and doing my own little "self help" projects when I can, or think I can! So they sing that song for me! (Mom the builder, can she build it? Yes she can!)

5. I love babies...(yes even when they are crying, dirty, not so cute, and older!) and want like 10 of them! I fear that being divorced and getting older this might prevent me from having more babies, but I carry that in my heart and trust in God's plan. Most people know I love babies, but some may not!


Susie said...

So glad you did this fun meme! My little grandson loved Bob the Builder and aren't you the clever one for being able to build things.
May your tears in the car be few and far between!

Owens Family Adventures said...

I love this!! I am thinking of things to share now. So many things to love about you my friend!!!